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A complete gardening kit for children, who teaches gardening and recycling. A wonderful opportunity for the modern Garden Center attentive to the market trand and wishfull to enrich its offer with entertaining and educational products for children. The kit contains:

The potting soil
The potting soil for sowing Fertil is characterized by the particular fineness, which allows the adhesion to the seed and ready germination . The amount contained in the package allows to refill the pots several times and to repeat the game.

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The seeds of aromatic plants
Basil, sage and chives are typically Mediterranean herbs, easy to grow and suitable for the preparation of many delicious recipes. The amount of the seed contained in the package allows to repeat the game. The seeds were chosen for the characteristics of ready germination and  for the size suitable for childrens handling.

The pots
The pots are of professional type, equipped with drainage holes for the elimination of irrigation water in excess. At the end of life, the pots  can be recycled by throwing them into the container of plastic recycling.

The box
The box is manufactured from recycled cardboard and can be reused as a container for alternative uses; Completed every possible alternative function, It must be thrown into the container of paper recycling. Biopolymer dag that wraps the potting soil can be thrown into the container of kitchen waste or recovered in the domestic composter, where it will turn rapidly into humus. Similarly, also the exhausted potting soil can be composted.