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The sales success starts from clear and immediate packaging, just designed for your business.

Our packaging born from deep knowledge of garden centers and is designed, in every detail, to facilitate consumer choice. The packaging material is the basis of everything. Choosing the best quality polyethylene, the bestextrusion technology and cutting-edge printing, ensure to the packaging of medium and large format high resistance during handling and transportation. The use of co-extruded films in dual layer allows vibrant colors, lasting for the entire life cycle of products. With clear indications and associations of images, the Purchaser is guided at all stages of selection and usage of the product. Specific references to the advantages or limitations avoid misunderstandings, bad choices and dissatisfactions of customers. The graphics, printed in six colors, makes the packaging attractive even when palletized and placed in the exhibition spaces. Technical measures, specifically dedicated to the garden center (placement of Bar Code), allow the management of the product with the most modern systems of optical recognition, facilitating cash transactions and inventory.

Triple Coated Pro Pack

The main assortment packs Fertil are made through the use of triple layer film, specially designed to preserve the color over time. This technology helps protect the flexographic printing with a transparent film from atmospheric agents. The basal layer is black, to protect from light and enhance the color of the print.

Rendering polietilene

Great attention to detail, but also to the whole

Removing the stretch hhod film wrapping a pallet is a pleasant view, which enhances the selling area

It will be easy to recognize the product and the size of the package. The packaging of more technical materials give also an image of the content at very high resolution and avoiding the opening by customers when choosing. EPAL pallets robust standards guarantee the safety of all operators during handling.

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