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The purchase of the soil in the garden center is done consequently the purchase of plants.
However, well-organized store can significantly increases profitability.

Properly exposure increase the productivity of the retail area. Fertil provides considerable support to the modern Garden Center, which follows its trade policies, providing many specific tools. A simple and very effective tool is the ringed banners, suitable for both to the communication of the brand, and product. It is normally sized in 3 × 1 m, and it can be applied externally or internally the store, to attract the attention of costumers or to communicate special promotional events. The printing of these tools require short times. The print media is weather-resistant and does not fear rain and discoloration. For customization, you must send Your trademarks logo and images in HR digital format Another interesting tool is the brand standing banner.

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It is metal structure, with mobile base with wheels, supporting a banner in size 60 × 160 cm. The placement helps to decorate a part of the shop often quite isolated, where customers needs tips. Our consolidated experience teaches that effective communication is directly related to the commercial success of this product category: we see it every day. For this, we invest together with you to achieve a mutual common goal.

When it’s time to choose … Choose who invest on Your store and know how to grow Your business.

You can count on several tools with detailed communication focused on the product.
The use of each tool must be assessed according to Your business. Fertil sales managers are real consultants, able to assist in the organization of Your exposure and to support every related decision. They will guide the definition of the product assortments and of the best suited communication.

How many times your staff must give tips to customers?

Market studies show that fans of the gardening, in the garden centers, mainly seek tips for the choice and application of products. Unfortunately, the seasonality of sales of garden centers reduces the availability of staff. Fertil has developed a set of tools to support the sale of its products, which provide immediate results on sales and customer satisfaction.
plasticized Price signs, in size 50 × 70 cm, easily inserted into the metal support, allow communication of the product size and price using ink markers.
Using solvents, it is possible to remove the informations, for further compilation.

Cartello di prodotto Espositore gerani con cartello