Terricci Specifici

AGRUTEC – Specific soil for citrus trees


AGRUTEC is a growing medium to plant citrus trees in medium and large size pots.
The product is enriched with pumice stone to improve drainage and prevent water retention and the rotting of the roots that could ensue from it. The product is enriched with controlled-release mineral fertiliser, which provides a balanced supply of nutrients for over 6 months. In addition, it provides micro-nutrients that are especially useful to stimulate blooming and the deep green colour of the leaves.
In marketing terms, it is among the specific soils most useful in co-marketing activities and it meets the approval of the most demanding gardeners.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N021054050027 Agrutec M 20 8007446916249 140
N021054045028 Agrutec L 45 8007446916256 60


  • Torba acida di sfagno
  • Torba bruna humificata 0-20 mm
  • Torba acida di sfagno 20-40 mm
  • Pomice granulare 7-12 mm
  • Concime minerale NPK