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LAPILLO – Volcanic Stone for Mulching and Drainage


LAPILLO Technology Solutions is an alternative to organic mulching materials. Compared to the bark, offers the advantage of greater resistance to degradation by weathering. Furthermore, the high specific weight makes it virtually irremovable from the ground, and allows the use of pneumatic equipment for the maintenance of the garden (eg. Aspirators and / or blowers). Compared to organic materials, requires the formation of a thiner layer, in the order of more or less 4 cm, to perform its function of  weed control and water loss reduction (1,5 pack of 33 liters for each square meter). A limitation is ais the inability to use in green building, in consequence of the characteristic low radioactivity, proper of all the effusive rocks (volcanic rocks).

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N044060010044 LAPILLO L 10 8007446916416 60
N041039033044 LAPILLO L 33 8007446916423 39

Articles in Big Bags

Code Article Confection
042085015044 LAPILLO 3,4 mc

Loose items

Code Article Confection
043015030044 LAPILLO


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