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FERTICORTECCIA – Mixed Bark for Mulching


FERTILCORTECCIA is a cheaper mulching  material for flower beds than CORTECCIA Technology Solutions. Comes from national assorted conifers , It has a darker color than CORTECCIA. The material is available in only one size: 0-40 mm. The material is the better choice in contexts of extensive landscaping. This product, although less decorative, performs the same functions as the red pine selected bark and require the application of a layer not less than 7-8 cm to not loss its function (a pack of 80 liters is sufficient for one square meter). The producti isn not  chemically treated. Inside the packs, whitish fungal efflorescence can occurs. It’s caused by saprophytic fungi, which disappear immediately after the distibution of the product and ist natural drying.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N041042080043 FERTILCORTECCIA L 60 8007446916447 42

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