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POMICE – Pumice stone


POMICE Technology Solutions is an alternative to organic mulching materials (such us LAPILLO).
The density is lower, but allows the maintenance of the garden with pneumatic blowers. Compared to organic materials, It requires the formation of a thiner  layer, in the order of more or less 4 cm, to perform its function of weed control and reduction of water loss by evaporation (one 45 Liters pack  for every square meter). The aesthetic effect of the interventions is of great impact for the light coloring of the material, which, however, over time, may vary, even considerably, due to the formation of a film of algae on the surface of the granules. The material can also be used as a corrective of growing media, or as an inert material for the construction of drainage layers in contexts of green roofs.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N041048045047 POMICE 7/12 MM L 45 8007446916409 48

Articles in Big Bags

Code Article Confection
042060025047 POMICE 7/12 MM 2,5 mc

Loose items

Code Article Confection
043020045047 POMICE 7/12 MM


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