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ECOS – Soil Improver


ECOS is a soil amendment, that is, as defined, a material suitable to improve the chemical, physical and biological properties of soils. The election use is the soil incorporation, during the ordinary practice of mechanical processing. The product is not indicated for repotting. For transplant and repotting practise, is better to use other products of the Fertil assortment. Ecos is particularly rich in highly humified organic substance and has a high content of humic and fulvic acids. ECOS promotes the formation of a stable soil structure, improves aeration and ductility. The mineralization of the organic substance releases  elements of fertility valuable for the plants nutrition.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
011120025018 ECOS L 20 + 5 8007446100655 120
011048050018 ECOS L 50 8007446100662 48

Articles in Big Bags

Code Article Confection
012060025018 ECOS - Ammendante del suolo 3,4 mc

Loose items

Code Article Confection
013020045018 ECOS - Ammendante del suolo


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