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ARGILLA – Expanded Clay for Drainage Layers


ARGILLA Technology Solutions is the ideal solution for drainage in pots and planters. Its specific function is the protection of drainage holes. A layer of expanded clay at the bottom of pots prevents the fine growing medium fine particles accumulation in correspondence of the drain holes and prevents the phenomena of stagnation. Alternatively, it can be used to build decorative surface layers in pots and planters. In this way, the exposed growing medium surface, remains protected and the layer will prevent engraftment of weeds, will limit the evaporation of water, reducing, consequently, the irrigation needs. ARGILLA can also be mixed with potting soil to increase the properties of drainage. Finally, it is well suited as a material for the construction of drainage layers in green roofs.

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N041095010048 ARGILLA ESPANSA L 10 8007446916430 95


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