Soils in Balletta

BALCONETTE E FIORIERE Specific Growing Medium in Compact Packaging


Specific Growing medium build with the best coarse selected  Baltic peat, enriched with pumice stone withethe drainage function. The formulation includes a large proportion of slow release fertilizer, which allows a balanced nutrition of plants for many months, even in the absence of fertigation. The addition of a small amount of montmorillonite clay allows slow drying, protecting plants from water stress. The product is specifically designed for the planters filling of any size. We raccomend to not add furthermore fertilizer during the first months of cultivation. Afterwards, we recommend the use of organic fertilizers. There are no restrictions of use, with the exception of acidophilic plants for which we recommend the use of more specific growing media.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
101084025105 BALCONETTE E FIORIETE L 25 8007446202106 84


  • White Baltic selected peat
  • Black German frozen peat
  • Pumice stone
  • Plant Energy