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CORTECCIA – Selected Pine Bark


CORTECCIA Technology Solutions is the best choice for flower beds mulching . Comes from selected conifers  and is characterized by reddish color. The material is available in two different grain sizes, 15-25 mm and 25-40 mm. The thinner particle size  is suitable for the adornment of small flower beds, while the larger size works better in larger areas. Both types require a layer not less than 7-8 cm, to not lose the  functionality in weed control and in the soil water evaporation reduction (a pack of 80 liters is sufficient for more or less one square meter).
WARNING: The particle sizes indicated on the packaging are intended as purely indicative. It’s a natural material, not standardized, and there is no guarantee of  the full respect of the particle size.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N041045080041 CORTECCIA 15/25 MM L 60 8007446916454 45
N041045080042 CORTECCIA 25/40 MM L 60 8007446916461 45

Loose items

Code Article Confection
043030060041 CORTECCIA 15/25 MM
043030060042 CORTECCIA 25/40 MM


  • Selected Pine Bark