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VERDISSIMO – Piante Appartamento – Specific Growing Medium for Houseplants


VERDISSIMO – Piante Appartamento  is a specific Growing Medium with therapeutic properties against chlorosis and physiological disorders that afflict houseplants, especially after the winter season. The formulation is based on Baltic selected peat, with coarse structure, assisted by perlite to give excellent capacity for air. Enriched with ENERGY PLANT, stimulates the recovery of the roots and accelerates the metabolism of debilitated plants . The elective use is  repotting of decorative foliage plants, but there are no use limitations. Even shrubs or the flowering annuals plants can benefit from the revitalizing effects.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
071140020094 VERDISSIMO P.TE APPARTAMENTO L 20 8007446000306 140


  • White Baltic selected peat
  • Black German frozen peat
  • Plant Energy