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TAPPETI ERBOSI – Specific soil for lawns


TAPPETI ERBOSI Technology Solutions is a substrate dedicated to building and regeneration of turf. It is characterized by a very fine structure, determined by the particular nature of the peat constituents, suitable for easy distribution during  Top dressing and reseeding. The physical structure and the particular smoothness make it particularly suitable to the  holes filling during turf regenerations. The sandy component is volcanic and, thanks to the characteristic microporosity,  ensures high water retention capacity and resistance to the phenomena of summer desiccation. The sharp edges ensure a good anchoring o to the lawn surface  (important for turf playgrounds). Adherence to the seed is perfect and, therefore, allows smooth, rapid germination.

Packaged items

Code Article Confection ean code Pieces per pallet
N021048050022 TAPPETI ERBOSI L 45 8007446916324 48
N021036080022 TAPPETI ERBOSI L 70 8007446916331 36

Articles in Big Bags

Code Article Confection
022051025022 TAPPETI ERBOSI - Terriccio specifico 3,4 mc

Loose items

Code Article Confection
023025050022 TAPPETI ERBOSI - Terriccio specifico


  • White Baltic peat
  • Black German frozen peat
  • Volcanic Pumice sand
  • Volcanic Lapillo sand